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PhatRabbitUsa Dj PhatRabbit 13/Aug/2002:18:50:27
Great !! Great !! Great !! Site .. I have a 83 Rabbit Gti, full
Techtonics Exhaust with dual Techtonics downpipe and prof. exhaust
manifold, Suspension technics springs 2" and 16" Konig Monsoon Rims ..
Very nice look if i say myself !!! some engine work and some
body work ... always work in progress ... Julian ..
Wachu Loognat chile01 grafitti page 07/Aug/2002:20:01:08
hey nice site. i have 1980 4dr Wolfram Grey with tint, BMW 13" rims,
rear disks, single wiper and a few others. this next project is to
convert it to gas. CIS sourced and picking it up on payday. let you
know how it works out. ported polished NOSed and maybe cammed. i'll
send you some shotds for the rabbit of the month.

i love to come here for the pics of the rabbits. silly rabbits. i love
the way the clipper kit looks on a hardtop. wish i had $1600 for the
one i sourced here.
Shannon Piatt   07/Aug/2002:18:58:04
I just bought a 84 4dr rabbit for $100. It runs great. Any
suggestions on the heating and air. Neither work.
jim   07/Aug/2002:01:16:04
Love your website. One of my 1st cars was a 1984 black GTI. I regret
trading it in for a 87 16v GTI. I own a 2002 Mazda Protege P5 (black of
course) which reminds me of that 84 black pocket rocket I owned while
commuting from Huntington Beach to SDSU.

my compliments to the many pictures.

jay   31/Jul/2002:14:03:58
hi im jay i have a 89 vw cabriolet conv i dont know if they make
body kits for them and i would like to know were to get them from if
theres any. or any other thing i can hook it up with thanks
chiefguyman   30/Jul/2002:15:28:06
guys keep off ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
Jay Jay   30/Jul/2002:01:21:24
I love my '84 VEEDUB RABBIT GTI!!! And I can't seem to find clear
corner lights? Can anyone tell me where to get them or order them
from. Just e-mail me if you have any information.

Paul   29/Jul/2002:01:44:28
Own a 84 GTi, has to go though, a wife and four kids with a 2dr. don't
work real. Gonna be trading it for '80 LS diesel, sweet little ride,
and 48mpg doesn'e hurt either. Does anybody know of ways to squeeze a
little more power out of the diesel motors, let me know.
Angela   25/Jul/2002:11:12:45
I just purchased a 1984 VW Rabbit LS Diesel 3 weeks and fell in love.
I have been a die hard Classic Mustang (60's) fans for years, but my
Rabbit is fast taking the lead. My head gasket blew last Friday but is
being repaired. Randy Rabbit has a few rust spots, needs a new
headliner -&- a new paint job but other than that he looks great! His
interior is the cleanest I've ever seen on a car that old. Glad I
found this site. Will be checking in often.
jd walter   21/Jul/2002:19:22:41
Great site.....lots of ideas and projects.I have a 81 rabbit thats in
rough shape but still a keeper. Have an 88 fox for donor car and
curious just how much will swap out.Any ideas beside burning them both
on the interstate?My email is .any ideas will help
such as brakes/engine/interior parts/and any other related stuff,let me
Crissy   18/Jul/2002:16:41:57
HELP! HELP!! I have an '84 Conv. Rabbit. I luv it but I keep having
some problems with my brake system. My mechanic said that I need a
brake master cylinder, something called a booster and an equalizer.
What is he talking about? He keeps telling me it is going to cost me
more than my car is worth, Could that be possible? Can anyone give me
some info? I dont wanna lose her!!! By the way I love this site!!!!
SAM   11/Jul/2002:17:50:15
Justin Hughes   10/Jul/2002:20:19:56
Sorry to say but I used to be a strictly Chevy guy with the IROC
being the highpoint of my life, and then I wrecked it racing some rich
kid in his toyoda. then my girlfriend made me get a cabriolet, the car
she always wanted. I found two of them for $900/ ever since then I was
in love. I've bought a 95 jetta 2.0 and a 88 cab. anyone who wants to
chat VW's drop me line @ my adress.
Dan Turcotte   07/Jul/2002:23:13:09
Veeduber forever
Jeremy Any Who 05/Jul/2002:12:51:41
My brother just gave me a 1985 Rabbit for my birthday, I love this car
so much. I am planning on investing money into it for some wheels, a
paintjob, and tint the windows. It is going to look so awesome when it
is done.
Joseph Van Ulden   03/Jul/2002:16:32:17
I own since Jan Last year a 1981 rabbit that was given up for trash.
Bought it for 300 can. Did some work on it like valvestem seals,
belts, shocks hoses, motormounts etc. It is now the main form of
transport in the Family. Took the Rabbit to Cal. Go regularly to
Kelowna over the Coquihalla, been to Alberta and will take her to San
Diego this fall. Blows the socks of Civics, burns no oil and cheap on
gas. I work for a VW dealer in BC. Like your site and answer some of
the questions asked.
Ray   29/Jun/2002:23:03:56
I'm looking at a 1979 Rabbit Diesel with blown head gasket for sale for
$200 US. Interior is poor but body is good, no rust [a California car].
I've had good luck with 2 Olds Diesels. Should I take a chance? I want
iver t rabbit   29/Jun/2002:11:25:32
wear are the rabbits
damien thompson   26/Jun/2002:23:28:06
i own an 81 vw white rabbit desiel saw your website and thought i would
take a look.
Richard   26/Jun/2002:09:27:25
Hi from Australia! Great site. I have an immaculate '77 Mk 1 4/door
(65,000 miles). Over here it was always the Golf(not Rabbit). I have
won trophies with the car but still drive it every day. I will send
photos soon.
Pete   26/Jun/2002:07:36:06
Proud owner of the "Attack Rabbit", a 1984 GTI that I bought as a new leftover in March of '85. It has 63k original miles and is used as my recreational vehicle.
Sky   25/Jun/2002:21:50:42
used to build rabbits at volkswagon westmoreland from 1978 to 1988 when
they shut down. had an '84 GTI that i recently gave to a friend (hated
to let it go) still have an '86 Jetta GL that my son now drives. he
loves it as much as i do!
Susan   24/Jun/2002:22:19:53
Any advice? I have an '81 Rabbit and has been running great
until...I took her to town and put a for sale sign up. Next
day I went to check on her and now she has decided she does not
want to start. There is a short somewhere, and now she keeps
blowing her fuel injection fuse (what amp should that be?).
She will start for a few seconds and then dies again. Is there
anyone out there that can point me in some direction, please?
Diedra Sanders FREE STUFF ..(click here) 20/Jun/2002:03:24:34
Nice site. Thanks!

Delila 12/Jun/2002:16:28:33
Cool site and interesting... nice work!
Paulo Canario   06/Jun/2002:16:38:57
I really enjoy your site. I purchased a 84 rabbit GTI last year and
was surprised to see a pic of it in your gallery; blue rabbit with
white racing strips and center exhaust.
I'll keep coming to your site to review the rabbit of the month and
maybe enter. Keep up the great work.
Sarah Holmes   02/Jun/2002:21:23:43
I just wanted to say that I love your website, and I just bought my
very first 1980 Volkswagen Rabbit Convertable.
Dmitry   28/May/2002:11:53:08
I have a 1987 VW Cabriolet Convertible in perfect condition. Only
118,000 miles, brand new top, brand new exhaust, most of the engine is
new. A beautiful red color exterior, a perfect like new interior. Runs
like a charm. Let me know if you're interested!
Zack   26/May/2002:02:31:12
Your Sight is pretty tits man.
kyle   23/May/2002:19:51:31
oops i sighned twice, i need a new clutch for my rabbit, but i dont
know how to put one in yet. thanks cool site man!
kyle 23/May/2002:19:50:22
tisch! Google 23/May/2002:15:05:28
YEA! Rabbits rule!
Jarred ... 15/May/2002:00:34:33
I am a recent fan of the older volkswagen rabbits. I am 16 and my
first car has been a 1979 Rabbit 4-dr diesel. I love it. It is great
fun to drive and it has some decent power all stock. I thought all
people just laughed at them until I found this place. This site is
great and I want to become an active participant. Also I am interested
in customizing my Rabbit and would like any info or advice that anyone
could give me. Thanks and keep up the good work.
CabbyGirl   14/May/2002:17:41:29
I am a huge fan of the 88-93 Cabriolets. I had never considered a
Rabbit. This sit opened my eyes. DC area, anybody selling a good
Cabriolet? Any clubs?
Andrew Cliff   11/May/2002:06:05:54
I have a golf gti con (1986) The hood is in good condition but it leaks
in two places. The leak is where the hood clips on. When it rains
heavily it will drip onto the seat which is really annoying!! Does
anyone know what can be done about this?
Adrieon Paoli   08/May/2002:23:16:08
WANTED: 91' Jetta Wolfsburg Edition if anyone lives in Washington and
is selling a 91' Jetta Wolfsburg Edition please let me know!!!!! but
I'm looking for a cheap one even if the engine is shot I will buy it!!!!
Kevin   07/May/2002:22:28:57
Maybe someone can help me. I have an 1985 VW Quantum, I wanna put a
faster engine in it. Does anyone know a good performance engine that
could fit in and is cheap. I appreciate the help.
moki   02/May/2002:15:07:20
this is great!! I
own a 82 4-door deisel,its fantastic
he's still original color "brown"w/over
400 thousand km
runs like a charm!!
great site!!!!
moki from the capital,Ottawa
Frank my V.W. says
moki   02/May/2002:15:04:12
this is great!! I
own a 82 4-door deisel,its fantastic
he's still original color "brown"w/over
400 thousand km
runs like a charm!!
great site!!!!
moki from the capital,Ottawa
Frank my V.W. says
ary   29/Apr/2002:19:09:19
Hey everyone, I live in the Washington D.C. area and I am looking for a
red VW cabriolet with white top, preferably a matic, but if not, as
long as it has a white top. Anyone knows anybody wanting to sell?
The model that I'm looking for is the older model, around 89-93 you
know the kind that looks like Laura Holt's car in Remington Steele but
with four headlights. If anyone knows anybody around here looking to
sell, please let me know. I don't have a lot of money to spend bu twe
can talk things out right ? ;) thanks guys..
Ray   20/Apr/2002:00:28:46
Just got 1980 vw rabbit.. 60,000 miles Looking at your site trying to
learn something about car.. Good body -&- interior .. Steering wheel
melting, anyone with this problem, or just Texas sun.. thanks
rabbit and hare   18/Apr/2002:00:04:03
jef my rabbit 15/Apr/2002:12:22:25
hey! anyone want an '80 rabbit convertible? nice shape! restored! email
jason   08/Apr/2002:15:59:16
i have a lovely 83gti with 163xxx miles.... yes! my family always flies
GTI airlines, woo-hoo!
loren hardy   04/Apr/2002:15:11:26
i have a soft top with small wear and tear on it, does anyone know what
i can put in them in the mean time?
Tim   04/Apr/2002:04:28:06
first off id like to say this site kicks a$$. secondly id like to ask
if anyone knows where i can get the zender 3 piece wing for the back of
a rabbit i have an 83 rabbit im customizing, also if anyone makes side
ground effects for a four door rabbit?

Andraya   03/Apr/2002:13:54:35
Though it breaks my heart .. I am selling my baby!!!
1989 VW Cabriolet Karmman Edition, Red with white interior and white top
I take excellent care of her. Runs like a charm. Brand new top last
year. I know her entire history.
5 speed, AC, low km 139 000, for sale in next month or two when i take
her out of storage. Pioneer speakers, Kenwood removeable face CD incl.
Taking best offer. Toronto Area. contact
Jeff   23/Mar/2002:22:28:27
I have a 1979 VW rabbit with a 1.5 litre engine, it goes like stink,
but i need a little more, if anyone that has any info on turbo kits for
A1 motors or nice intakes or anything to make it go faster, please
email me, thanx!
Craig Hyperformance Rallysport 19/Feb/2002:04:30:06
Ok, who out there has some clear rear indicators for an '84 rabbit??
I've got an '84 Rabbit with a G-60 and also looking for a good set of
headers! Anyone recomend anything??? I just broke the headers I have in
two and need to replace them. Email me. Thanks.

Good work on the site.
joe chau   09/Feb/2002:11:21:35
anyone looking for shocks for a 91 VW Passat call me 416 728-8572
chroeun chrim   04/Feb/2002:21:06:42
kool dude
Chris Phillips   25/Jan/2002:02:13:25
This site is wicked. One of the best Rabbit site i have seen. I just
baught my 83 GTI rabbit and it kicks some serious tail.
Tyler   09/Jan/2002:12:07:11
This site is preety good, nice work man ! I've got a 79' GTI Rabbit,
which is running very excellent right now. My dad was the original
owner, it's a Canadian model. We restored it and put in a 2.0 Liter
engine in it, and that baby hauls now ! Peace -
breeze breeze motorsport 02/Jan/2002:19:39:33
Cool site man!

Gotta love these rabbits... heh heh heh

Myself driving an a2 16v and I love it...
(on my webpage)

still cant beat the original though...

Matthew   25/Dec/2001:23:37:11
I js got my 1983 Rabbit GTIand i love it.It has it's roblms but its
all minor. If anyone has any tips please e-mai me.
jw   21/Dec/2001:01:38:19
hows it going....just baught an 84 fuel injected rabbit for 150
bucks...rebuilding the whole car....starting with motor...then painting
it organic yellow..then lowering it....custom'll be the
first customized rabbit probably in all oklahoma....everybody here wants
brand new stangs, camaro's,and suv's...but i like to be different...i
currently own a 64 suburban(thats up for sale to pay for my rabbit
obsession)...well thats about it and i'm with ya'll this site is
awesome....catch ya on the flip side
Dave nope 17/Dec/2001:13:42:34
I have a 1972 Dodge Challenger and i was wondering if it would be worth
it to trade my mopar in for a VW rabbit. I was thinking around the year
1978-1982. anyone who has any idea what i should do give me an email
ASAP i currently only have a 360 magnum under my hood with only 310HP
so i was thinking maybe a rabbit would be a little more thrilling with
more power when i stomp it. I hear VW leave other cars behind them at
the lights
Jeff none 17/Dec/2001:13:38:50
I had a 1980 VW Rabbit diesel, it had 540,000 km on it, it drove like a
dream! I had to scrap it when i drove the crap put of it, I just bought
a 1979 VW rabbit with a 1700cc dual motor, its has low profile tires
and a awsome system, if you have any knowledge on putting NOS in a VW
please e-mail me @
dave godfrey   17/Dec/2001:10:59:45
Nice site, I just wish that your classifieds would show the the posters
e-mail address instead of just having to e-mail somewere into thin air.
ragen   16/Dec/2001:00:31:38
I recieved a 1981 Rabbit conv.(red)for my b-day this year and I just
want to say,"thanks for the website!"from all of us proud VW owners,
this was my first time owning a VW of any kind,but I can truly say I,ve
been converted and I'll never go back!!!

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