Rabbit of The Month - July 2003
Rabbit of the Month

Owner Name: Xavier Marle
Car Name: ...
Car Type: Rabbit Convertible
Year: 1982
Odometer: 208.546 km
Engine: 1.7 l
Exhaust: 2 1/4" mandrel bend,S&S header,brospeed muffler
Transmission: 5 speed stock "FN"
Suspension: Eibach sportline with Tokico shocks 2& drop
Brakes: stock
Wheels/Tires: 15"deepdish centras type 11 with kumhos 712
Lights: 7" single round euro crystals with zenon H4 bulbs
Audio: Pioneer cd with Bose speakrs,and 8" active pipe sub
Exterior: new "stayfast" black top,original paint,euro black bumpers,euro wheel flares GTI front air dam
Interior: new 3 tone blue/gray,new carpet,euro 80's steering wheel
Special Care: ...
Accessories: ...
Future Plans: 2,0 L ABA swap,new paint
Owner E-mail: toplessrabbit@msn.ca
Owner Home Page:

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