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ABD Racing A large selection of performance parts with products ranging from air filters to body kits. They have parts from major manufacturers such as Neuspeed, Zender, Eibach and many others. A little high priced but you're paying for quality.

Neuspeed Neuspeed suspension parts and more. Tie bars, sway bars, springs and lots more, directly from the company who makes them.

Awesome GTI A great selection of styling, as well as performance parts. Parts from Oettinger, ABD Racing, Neuspeed , MOMO and many others.

WaterCooled Racing Development A great company with tons of performance parts. They also offer decent discounts.

eBay Search:
If you haven't heard of eBay, now's a great time to check it out. People sell all kinds of things on eBay, usually for a really cheap price. Not only parts but collectibles too, such as VW Rabbit hotwheels, advertisements etc.

Classified Ads If all else fails you can post a message on my classified ads section of the forum and perhaps someone will have the part you are looking for. You can also post any parts you want to sell.

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