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A video section has been added which features Volkswagen Rabbit videos from Youtube. There are videos of both the New 2007 Rabbit and the Classic pre-1984 Rabbit. More videos will be added over time. It can be access by clicking the video link on the menu to the left.

The forum has had new sub-sections added to the "New Rabbit" area, which should allow for better organization of topics. Non-registered members are no longer allowed to make forum posts, due to spam postings. Also the last picture added to the picture gallery is now displayed on the main page, so users who upload their Volkswagen Rabbit pictures will have them displayed on this page until another picture is uploaded.

I've added a Body Kits section for the 2007 New Rabbit. Right Now there is only one Body Kit, but as more become available I'll be updating the page. Also I'd like to thank everyone who as uploaded their VW Rabbit pictures to the gallery.

The forum seems to be lacking members and posts, so in order to try to jumpstart the activity on the forum, I've opened it up to the public. For a limited time you won't need to register to make posts, so feel free to post your mind.

The New Forum has arrived. I've scrapped the craptacular message board that I used to have with a brand new, fully functional forum. I've also removed the equally bad classified ads and moved those over to the new forum, so if you're looking for, or selling any Volkswagen Rabbit parts check it out. The forum is completely empty so sign up now before all the good usernames are gone. You can discuss anything about the pre-1984 Volkswagen Rabbit or the new 2007 Volkswagen Rabbit. Hope you like it.

The New Site design is here.
I've spent the past couple of weeks redesigning the site, I hope you all like it better. As you all probably know, Volkswagen has recently brought back the Rabbit name for the new fifth generation Golf. It's nothing like the old Rabbit, but I've still decided to incorporate it into the site. As you can see on the left menu you can now select "Old Rabbit" or "New Rabbit" and it will bring you to the different parts of the site which are now feature the new rabbit or the old rabbit depending on which menu you use.

I've taken the time to redesign the picture gallery. You can now upload your own photos directly to the photo gallery, you no longer have to email them to me and wait for me to upload them. Right now the picture gallery is completely empty, so please upload all your Volkswagen Rabbit pictures, both New and Old. If you're looking for the pictures that were in the old picture gallery, they can now be found in the picture archive.

Some of the useless parts of the site such as the polls page, about me and Rabbit Email have been removed. If you use VW Rabbit mail it can still be found at but I've removed the link from the menu. I'd like to discourage you from signing up for a new vw rabbit mail account, because there are many other better free email services such as Hotmail or Gmail, which don't have so much spam.

I've also decided that for now, I won't be updating the Rabbit of the Month, so the previous Rabbits of the Month are now listed on the Rabbit of the Month Archive page. I may bring it back in the future, but for now it's Archived and new submissions will not be accepted.

Some new Body Kits have been added to the Body Kits page, and I've cleaned the dead links from the parts sources page and the links page. If you find anything wrong with the site, or if you have anything to contribute, feel free to Contact US.

I hope you all enjoy visiting. Don't forget to upload your New or Old Volkswagen Rabbit pictures to the picture gallery, and if you visit any other VW message boards or sites don't forget to spread the word that The Rabbit Archive is back and better than ever.

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